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freshly cut Christmas trees oxford


Dragon School ~ Charity Sale

christmas trees for sale dragon sale oxford

Our Christmas Tree Barn - opens on Wednesday 23 November.

Orders taken for ~ 


Delivery to your home - please advise on ordering that you are a Dragon Sale supporter

delivery charges apply


Collection from Farmer Gow's - please advise on ordering that you are a Dragon Sale supporter

date of your choosing


Delivery to Dragon School - not available this year due to the lateness of the Sale

complimentary delivery

 To Order

click on the images below to order from our online shop  
order a fresh cut Christmas tree oxford



Tel : 01793 780 555


Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please quote ‘Dragon School ~ Charity Sale' when ordering.   

We are open

fresh cut Nordmann Fir Christmas trees for sale oxford

Every day  10am ~ 5pm


Late nights until 7pm


Thu 24 Nov
Thu 1 Dec
Thu 8 Dec

Early bird ~ appointments from 8am, book your private viewing


Cut & Pot grown Christmas trees

Norway spruce fresh cut Christmas trees oxford

Oxfordshire grown, non-drop and needle fresh trees

pot grown Christmas trees for sale Oxford

6 tree varieties, including Nordmann Fir & Norway Spruce

Pot grown trees with full root ball (grown in pot since seeding)

Netting - all trees netted after choosing, so you can see the tree which best suits your home


Pot grown, non-drop and freshly cut Christmas trees are available from our Christmas Tree Barn from Wednesday 23 November.  Farmer Gow's is located near Faringdon, Oxfordshire.



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