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Hope and Faith School

Introducing the Oxford Friends of

The Hope and Faith Christian Community School, Ngombe, Zambia






We welcome the family and friends of Cumnor URC and sister churches to Farmer Gow's annual over the school holidays.  The next Farmily Day will be Easter 2016.

The Hope and Faith School is led by Rosemary Mumbi, who had an outstanding career in public education in the early years of Zambia’s independence, becoming Deputy Provincial Education Officer for Copper Belt Province in 1987.

In retirement she has sought to meet the needs of children in a very poor and deprived settlement called Ngombe, on the edge of the capital, Lusaka. Public provision there is less than minimal, for want of funds.

At the end of 2003 Rosemary, by then a widow of 61, started a primary school class for a few children in the sub-standard rented accommodation typical of Ngombe.  As the school expanded it became obvious that it would need its own purpose-built premises.

2009 ~ a single-storey 4-classroom block was completed, with help in particular from the charity Smile International .

2012 ~ a 2-storey, 8-classroom block was added with substantial help from Cumnor United Reformed Church, Oxfordshire and Kilmore Parish Church on the Isle of Skye.  In both churches, the link was through retired missionary teachers who had taught Rosemary; in Cumnor this was Wyn Cornish.

Gifts have also enabled the school to have its own borehole on site which fills a water tower by solar power.

Computers have been received from a charity which rescues and recycles slightly outmoded models; these have been made to work and help develop pupils’ keyboard and software skills.

At an early stage, it was evident that the children were not learning well because of hunger, so the school started a feeding programme.

The core resource for ordinary expenditure is school fees of a bit over £100 per year, but the school has also opened its arms to many orphans and street children, who do not pay fees and receive free school uniforms.  Current expenditure is therefore precarious and has been continuously supported over the years by Cumnor United Reformed Church and Kilmore Parish.  Some £50+,000 has been raised to date from the Cumnor community, including gifts towards the new buildings.

Rosemary has called the school the Hope and Faith Christian Community School; Hope and Faith are two of her children and there is a strong emphasis on a Christian ethos and Christian worship.  The children live out the problems of life in Ngombe through improvised dramas: one for example portrays a father who will not let his daughter go to school.

As the earliest pupils grew up, higher classes were added.  The school now has just over 700 children in kindergarten, pre-school, primary and secondary sections.  They take government examinations at the end of first year and of third year secondary school and their results are regularly way ahead of those of any other Community school and up with those of expensive private institutions.

Last year they entered a sports competition with some of the best schools in the country and came first.   

The school is a remarkable achievement and a beacon of hope to its Community of Ngombe. It results from the selfless service and giving of teachers, their co-ordinator, Rosemary, and their very many supporters in Britain.

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We are delighted that we will have visitors from Cumnor and from local churches on Tuesday 19 August.    




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