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The farm has a mixed flock of Beulah, Coopworth and Welsh Black Mountain sheep. 

Grace ewe with newborn ram lamb - Feb 12We lamb from January - April.

'Meet the Animals' experiences include ~

  • Bottle feeding hand reared lambs
  • Hand feeding ewes with lambs 'at foot'
  • Cuddling a lamb
  • Hand feeding lambs

Our ewes are all hand reared and therefore find meeting visitors an enjoyable experience. 

They are happy for you to feed them and for staff to supervise lamb cuddling. 

Please note ~ we encourage adults to hold and cuddle the young lambs, which can sometimes be quite wriggly.  Children may also enjoy this wonderful experience under their parent/carer 's careful supervision.


Lamming Experience workshop

Enjoy a day on the farm learning how to look after our ewe mums and their little ones.  Help us to bottle fed our hand reared lambs - they love a cuddle.

  • Lamming Experience workshop ~ March-April
  • Be a Farmer for a Day workshop ~ February, May-October 




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