Wind & Solar Energy & Electricity - Day Trips

Educational content

Educational content: Farmer Gow’s Education & WeSET (Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust)


Contact: Sarah Barrell

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February - December

Suitable for

Key Stage 2


A programme to educate and inspire pupils studying Wind and Solar Energy & Electricity, including generation, community clean energy, sustainable living and natural systems, particularly focusing on sessions suitable for children at Key Stage 2.

Activities are fun, interactive and develop key maths and science investigation skills.

Energy is what makes everything happen in the universe! Our lives today utterly depend on abundant, freely available supplies, yet the way we’ve been generating it is causing huge problems - we need to get better, fast!

‘Green’ energy means energy that’s generated in clean, sustainable ways – ones we can continue for the long term, without piling up problems.

A school/group trip includes the following workshops:

  • Energy & Electricity
  • Natural Energy Sources
  • Why & Where do we use Electricity?
  • Visit to Westmill Solar Farm
  • Visit to Westmill Wind Farm

A trip will include hand-on explorations at Farmer Gow’s, and a visit to Westmill Wind and Solar Farm, to experience close up how wind and sun supply sufficient power for whole communities.