'Point of Lay' Chickens
'Point of Lay' Chickens





Breeds ~
* Beechwood Blue - dusty blue/grey feathers
* Calder Ranger - brown feathers
* Lohman - brown feathers
* Pied Ranger - black feathers with grey speckled feathers around the neck
* Rhode Rock - black feathers with red/brown feathers around the neck
* Speckledy - grey speckled feathers
* Sussex Ranger - white feathers with black speckled feathers around the neck

Our 'point of lay' chickens are all hybrids, so lay 250-300 eggs a year (all year round laying, daily in summer, every couple of days in winter).

A member of staff will show you around our chicken runs and help you to select your choice of fowl.

Available daily from 4pm.