Easter Eggstravaganza

* Spring lambs & ewe mums to handle and feed
* Playful goats to pat & bottle feed
* Meet our fluffy chicks, wriggly piglets and collect freshly laid eggs

Meet the Animals workshpps every day, with social distancing.

* Easter Egg Hunts
* Farm Trail
* Easter Quizzes
* Adventure play on the giant Bale Climb & in the Playground, Pedal tractors, indoor/barn Imaginative play

Enjoy family time on the farm with lots of ‘hands on’ handling and feeding experiences with our friendly farm animals.

Our giant Bale Climb is great for letting off steam but also perfect for our children’s Easter Egg Hunt. A chocolate Easter prize for every participating child (gluten/lactose free alternatives).

Why not try some delicious farm produce. Refreshments served throughout the day, to your family reserved picnic table.

Family fun on the farm - adventures to keep everyone busy and sharing the joys of the countryside.