Mobile Farm

If you can't come to us ~ we can come to you

Please complete and Expression of Interest form (EoI) and email back to us at

Katherine will 'phone you - so please advise when best to contact you - to chat through the EoI and discuss a programme and access for a mobile farm visit.

We will then email you with a suggested programme and quotation.

The Mobile Farm visit is confirmed once you reply by email.

Farmer Gow's is happy to bring our friendly farm animals to your school/nursery/show/fete so that you and your children/residents can enjoy some wonderful 'hands on' experiences.

Frequently asked questions

About 1 hour from the farm, it depends a bit how far this is but google maps is a good guide.

30 minutes ~ 6 hours - Katherine will chat through a programme with you to ensure your families get great farm animal contact.

We have quite a lot of work to do to prepare the farm animals for a visit. We have to travel to and from your site and clean all our equipment on our return to the farm.

Once we have your EoI and you have chatted with Katherine, we will provide a quotation by email. You are welcome to accept - or decline - our quotation.

Please see below minimum costs for Small, Medium and Large visits - these guides are pretty acurate if you are local. They will increase with travel time and time spent on your premises.







When we receive your EoI form Katherine will 'phone you to chat through your ideas and get a clear understanding of your needs and aims. She will also ask about access.

We will email you a quotation with a proposed programme of activities.

To confirm the booking, please reply by email.

You will be invoiced on visit day. Our invoice will included direct payment details.


We are licensed to provid a Mobile Farm service with both Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs - DEFRA - and the Vale of White Horse District Council - VWHDC.

Working Area

We will arrive in the farm's Toyota truck. For Large visits we will also bring a 12' long livestock trailer.

Please provide an outdoor working area, accessible by the truck/trailer, approximately 10m x 6m.

The truck is a secure store for some of the equipment used during a visit. Truck access is therefore very important.

You are responsible for disinfecting indoor/hard standing areas prior to our arrival and after the visit. We recommend plastic sheeting or equivalent for indoor working areas. Disinfection not required on grassed areas.


Farmer Gow’s staff will manage the farm animals and run the 'hands on' workshops/experiences.

You/your staff/parents are responsible for supervising the children/guests/residents who visit the stand.

We will provide colouring sheets, quizzes and farm brochures to those visiting the stand.