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School & Group Trip programmes

Farm Animals ~ Horticulture & Aquaponics ~ Green Energy & Electricity

We recommend:

Toddler, Pre-school, Nursery

Reception,Years 1 & 2

Years 5 & 6

including special needs & the elderly

ll ages


Large/whole school trips ~ we can accommodate up to 180 children on School Trips and are happy to welcome classes engaging with different topics, which makes them very cost effective for coach hire. We also find it a great learning experience for children, when different classes visit the farm and engage with different learning experiences.

Cost ~ from 1 Jan 20 we will be offering School Trips and Mobile Farm through Farmer Gow’s Education Ltd, which is not VAT registered. This enables us to offer School Trips at £6 per person.

Booking & Further Information

Further information ~ if you would like us to visit your school and explain the programmes, please contact us on - or . Our presentation takes about 15 minutes. Deputy/Head Teacher questions approximately 15-30 minutes. Alternatively we are happy to answer any questions by telephone or by email.

Contact – Anne or Sarah

Book a Trip


Book a Mobile Farm



School / Group Trips to the farm

  • Adults & Children (3+ yrs) - £6/person

  • Children (2 yrs) - £3/child

  • Children (0-1 yrs) - free entry

Mobile Farm

  • From £150. We will provide a quotation based on the size of mobile farm you would like - Small, Medium or Large - how long you want us and what distance you are/travel time from the farm.

Optional extras

Treasure Hunt

  • £1.40/child (includes a farm themed 'prize')

Pocket money shopping


Every trip includes

Planning service

Health & Safety advice

Picnic area

FG's staff led workshops

Countryside play

Cleaning service

Goody Bag

Each class/group will receive

Farm Animals


We will send you an email confirmation with programme for your visit/trip.

School firewalls can sometimes send our email into spam/junk boxes so we will also try and phone you, when we have sent the confirmation.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to the farm.