Grit - Growers (500g)

Grit - Growers (500g)





There are three types of poultry grit available.

* Layers Grit - which is used for grinding down food but also contains some Oyster shell
* Growers Grit - for young birds, before the start laying eggs, used for grinding down food
* Oystershell grit - which is a source of calcium to help form strong egg shells.

Layers Grit - Chickens don’t have teeth so to grind down their food, they use a strong muscular organ called a gizzard. Chickens pick up grit whilst foraging, which is kept for a while in the gizzard to perform this grinding process. If your chickens are kept truly free range then they will find enough of this on their own but these days, few of us have the space or the security from predators to be able to allow them to do this naturally.

Layers Grit should always be available to your birds in a strong, all weather container. The container just needs to be sturdy, so it doesn’t get tipped over or filled up with water.