Herbal infusion - Pure Peppermint

Herbal infusion - Pure Peppermint




Peppermint tea is often thought of as a ‘healing’ tea, because it is known to soothe many ailments, including stomach aches, pains and cramps, heartburn, flatulence and to promote healthy digestion.

This particular blend is a light and delicate variety, popular among the young, old and everyone in-between!

Blending, brewing and drinking teas since 2003, The London Tea Company are inspired by London’s unrivalled energy, to create new blends and excitement into the tea tasting experience. Their mission is simple; to share quality, creativity and their passion for London with the people who drink their tea.

The London Tea Company are also fully Fairtrade and free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. They are certified B Corporation and a social enterprise, reinvesting up to 50% of their profits into farmer communities.