Highland Spring - sparkling spring water

Highland Spring - sparkling spring water




Highland Spring is Scotland’s favourite water from the Ochil Hills in Perthshire, an area of organic natural beauty.

The village of Blackford, nestled below the organic land in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, has long had a reputation for its spring water. A few years ago, in 1503, King James IV of Scotland announced that the local beer, made with water drawn from the same land as Highland Spring, was to be his Coronation Ale. Fit for a king then – and now, you could say.

From the very beginning, Highland Spring enjoyed a reputation with those in the know. In 1993 – before Aqua Amore was even born – Highland Spring sales really took off, when British Airways picked Highland Spring as their chosen water. Today, they have grown to be the leading UK bottled water brand, assisted greatly by our very own delivery service fulfilling drinks deliveries to homes, offices and business locations in London and beyond.

In 2001 the Soil Association named the source of Highland Spring as certified organic land, and an organic land free of pesticides and pollution, so the native wildlife have a safe place to call to home. The same is true for the thousands of bees cared for in the 12 beehives on the heather hillsides at Highland Spring HQ. As such, Highland Spring proud supporters of small Scottish company Plan Bee who install beehives to protect and grow the endangered bee population. So while they are busy bottling pure spring water and Aqua Amore are busy delivering each case to your home, office and business in our own delivery vehiecles, the bees are busy making pure Scottish heather honey.