Norway Spruce ~ 1.5-1.75 m (5')

Norway Spruce ~ 1.5-1.75 m (5')


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The traditional Christmas tree for over 100 years. Wonderful 'Christmas' aroma.

Best kept in a cooler position, away from direct heat (fire, radiator, underfloor heating). Keep well watered.

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Information about Norway Spruce trees

The modern preference for a full, dense Christmas tree means that Norway Spruce trees are pruned every year, from about 4 years of age. The pruning encourages the tree to grow more side branches and year on year the tree gets denser and denser.

Gradually the inner leaves are cut off from sunlight, they turn brown and die. This is completely natural.

When growing in the field environment, surrounded by many other trees, there is little wind to dislodge the inner brown leaves. The leaves which die therefore tend to stay within the density of the tree branches.

Cutting and moving spruce trees to Christmas Barns, starts to dislodge the brown leaves. This continues as the tree settles into your home.

Decorations and lights add weight to the branches, which tend to open out/spread. You may therefore notice the inner branches more when you are decorating, than when the tree was in the Christmas Barn.

Needle Drop - the natural behaviour of Spruces is for leaves to fall off the branch when the leaves start to die – as deciduous trees. This is similar to many other shrubs, trees and flowers.

Needle Fresh trees are best kept as cool as possible to prolong their display life. Underfloor central heating is particularly problematic, as are radiators.

As Spruces are much easier to grow than non-drop Fir species and because they respond well to pruning they are generally offered at a much lower price than non-drop Firs. The smell of a spruce is very Christmassy and many families choose Norway Spruces year on year.

We suggest that Spruces are ideal for about 2 weeks in the home environment. Less for very warm houses/underfloor heating, more for cool and outdoor environments.

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