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Countryside Education


Countryside Education presentation – with details on all 3 programmes


Fun at the Farm (2024)

Countryside Education - incl Farm Animals, Growing Your Food, Wind & Solar Energy & Electricity (2024)

Mobile Farm (2024)

Countryside Memories (2024)


Countryside Education

Fun at the Farm

Farm Animals

Growing Your Own Food

Wind & Solar Energy & Electricity

Mobile Farm

Countryside Memories

Learning Resources

Learning Opportunities & Curriculum Links

Fun at the Farm – complimentary copy for each class of 20+ children visiting the farm. Local author - Rod Hunt - writes the Kipper, Biff and Chip reading books.

Published by local publishers - Oxford Univeristy Press, OUP - the stories are read by children in more than 80% of British primary schools.

'Fun at the Farm' brilliantly describes Kipper and Anna's experiences during their School Trip to Farmer Gow's.

Available in the farm shop, a complimentary copy provided to each School Trip and Mobile Farm visit.

Hand washing

Make hand washing a habit

Grime Squad - example certificate

Teachers and Group Leaders

Advice to Teachers and Others who organise visits for children

Avoiding infection on farm visits ~ this one is great for adult helpers (teaching assistants, carers & parents)

Information sheet - Cryptosporidium

Information sheet - Ecoli 0157

RA - example - Infection


If any of your children or adult helpers have any allergies, please see the animal feed compositions below.

We recommend gloves or other cover to enable all your group to participate, rather than having a child miss out on some amazing experiences ~