Christmas Tree Care

Pot Grown Christmas trees

Pot grown Christmas trees are living plants - and have been grown in a pot since seeding. They have a full root ball.

  • Inside ~ water daily.

  • At the end of the Christmas season, harden the tree by placing in a cold, frost free area.

  • In the spring re-pot into a bigger bucket.

  • Feed with osmacote granules.

  • Keep peat/soil moist, especially when the tree is flushing – usually in May – but do not drow. Manage as per azaleas.

Pot grown Nordmann Fir tree

Cut Christmas Trees

Cut Christmas trees are plants – like a bunch of flowers - and need a constant water supply.

By bringing them into a warm, dry atmosphere - your house - you are stimulating spring/summer conditions & the plant responds by trying to grow.

3 essential Dos

  • Cut the base of the Christmas tree – this can be done for you at Farmer Gow’s. This opens the Christmas tree’s veins, which will have sealed since being cut in the field.

  • Immerse in a bucket of water – in a warm (not hot) area of your house for 24 hours – as the tree warms up it will drink a lot of water.

  • Transfer into a stand/tree container and water regularly. The Christmas tree will take the maximum amount of water in the first 24 hours in the warm but will still continue to take up water for 2-3 weeks – provided it doesn’t dry out. If the tree runs out of water you need to re-cut the base again.


  • Keep away from direct heat, i.e. radiators and fires.

  • The cooler you can keep it, the longer it will last.

Christmas tree

We wish you a very Happy and Merry Christmas!

Our Oxfordshire grown Christmas trees are freshly cut to ensure a wonderful Christmas experience for you and your family.

Christmas Tree Care ~ keeps your tree fresh and looking stunning.