Farmer Gow's Firewood

Farmer Gow's Firewood for naturally seasoned hardwood logs and kindling, sourced from sustainably managed ancient woodlands within 1-hour's drive of the farm.

We process the firewood on farm, so if you need a longer log length than our standard 8", we can cut to order.

Since purchasing Henleaze Farm in 2007, Farmer Gow's has managed the whole farm to achieve a balance between farming and conservation. We are keen to offset our carbon emissions by carbon lock-up. The farm's bio-diversity has improved hugely for the benefit of wildlife and public visitors, including thousands of school children. See our Farm Environment and School/Group Trips pages for details.

Approximately 28% of the farmland is committed to carbon lock-up through woodland, hedgerow and wildlife meadow habitats.

In addition to our Farm Animals educational programme, we are also now offering

Horticulture & Aquaponics

in partnership with Smart Greens UK

Green Energy - wind and solar

in partnership with WeSET

Conservation ~ bio-diversity projects


We have created a new woodland - Henleaze Wood - with the support of the Forestry Commission. 5 acres of farmland have been planted with 28 indiginous hardwood species. The new woodland lies within the Great Western Community Forest.


We manage our hedgerows to 8' in height and 4' in width. They are lightly trimmed in February to keep them thick and dense - perfect habitat for wildlife including nesting birds.

New tenants on the farm - Oxford Oak Camping, The Oxford Yurt and Smart Greens UK - have contributed to the environmental effort by planting new hedgerows and establishing their own projects.


We have erected nestboxes for wild birds, including Barn Owl, swallows, tits - see our Wildlife page for wild bird species living/nesting/feeding on the farm.

Wild flower meadow

Our tenant - The Oxford Yurt - has established a glamping site within our wild flower meadow.

An amazing habitat for wildlife - and for humans in need of rest and relaxation in a stunning meadow. Many wild bird species, hedgehogs, orchids, grass snakes and much, much more. A truely stimulating environment.

Buying / Ordering

Farm shop

The farm shop is open daily, 10am - 5pm, for purchases of bagged logs & kindling, firelighters & matches.

Please return the bags to us, so we can recycle/reuse them.

You can also order/arrange deliveries of firewood to your home/business.


Logs are delivered loose (no packaging). Wheelbarrow & stacking service available.

Free local deliveries - use our postcode checker for any delivery charges to your address.


The online shop is postcode sensitive and will automatically provide the correct delivery charge (if any).

Our driver will contact you by 'phone to confirm/arrange delivery date & approximate time.

Please add in 'Comments' at Checkout any information which will assist our drivers to find your home, such as local directions &/or description of your house if it has a name, not a number.

Chimney Sweep

A Clean Chimney is a Safe Chimney - try Cosshalls Chimney Sweeping.

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