Fun at the Farm – Day Trips & Mobile Farm

Educational content

Educational content: Farmer Gow’s Education Ltd


Contact: Sarah Barrell

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February - December

Suitable for

Toddlers, Pre-school, Nursery, Family Groups/Clubs

Up to 4-hour interactive programme

1¼ hours 'hands on' Meet the Farm Animals workshops, led by experienced farm staff

Meet the Chicks

Handle young chicks, pullets and chickens

Meet the Animals

Feed sheep/lambs, goats/kids. Watch our turkeys and geese waddling around the barn.

Meet the Fowl

See the chickens, geese and turkeys

Collect freshly laid eggs

Farm Trail

See goats, sheep & cattle grazing in the fields - enjoy feeding them in their natural habitats

Treasure Hunt

Fun on the Farm, this is a fabulous game on the giant Bale Climb with a small farm animal prize for each child

'Free play'

On the Farmyard, Adventure & Imaginative Play areas

Cleaning Service

Mobile Farm

Full details on our Mobile Farm page