Fun at the Farm – Day Trips & Mobile Farm

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Provided by: Farmer Gow’s Education Ltd


Contact: Anne Gow or Dale Whitehorn

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February - December

Suitable for

Toddlers, Pre-school, Nursery, Family Groups/Clubs

Up to 4-hour interactive programme

1¼ hours 'hands on' Meet the Farm Animals workshops, led by experienced farm staff

Meet the Chicks

Handle young chicks, pullets and chickens

Meet the Animals

Feed sheep/lambs, goats/kids. Watch our turkeys and geese waddling around the barn. Feed our cattle and see our pigs.

Meet the Fowl

See the chickens, geese and turkeys

Collect freshly laid eggs

Farm Trail

See goats, sheep & cattle grazing in the fields - enjoy feeding them in their natural habitats. An easy walk of around 700 m with spectacular views of the White Horse on Uffington Hill and the turbines on Westmill Wind Farm

Woodland Trail

Enjoy the twists and turns of the Woodland Trail - find sculptures and wildlife habitats along this easy, 200m walk. Open March to October - this is a delightful, cool and shaded summer walk, filled with wild birds singing throughout the day.

Treasure Hunt

Fun on the Farm, this is a fabulous game on the giant Bale Climb with a small farm animal prize for each child

'Free play'

On the Farmyard, Adventure & Imaginative Play areas

Cleaning Service

Mobile Farm

Full details on our Mobile Farm page