Diced Lamb (400g)

Diced Lamb (400g)

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Our succulent Diced Lamb, hand diced cut from our Lamb Legs and Rumps. Born and reared on the farm, our finest quality lamb, each tender piece is meticulously diced to perfection, ensuring optimal tenderness and flavour in every bite.

Whether you’re simmering it in a rich curry, stewing it with hearty vegetables, or grilling it for a mouth watering kebab, our Diced Lamb promises to deliver a dining experience that’s nothing short of exceptional. Versatile, flavourful, and sure to impress, our Diced Lamb is a must-have ingredient for any meat lover’s kitchen.

400g / 1 lb (approx) of diced lamb

Suitable for
* slow cookers
* stews / casseroles
* fondu
* kebabs

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