Goose ~ 5.8 kg

Goose ~ 5.8 kg


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Why not spoil your family this Christmas by presenting them with a traditional festive meal of succulent roast goose. Cooking couldn’t be simpler and to guarantee the cook praise we have included inside the carry-home box cooking guidelines, sprigs of rosemary, recipe leaflet and a pop up cooking timer. Your Goose will be string trussed and wrapped in grease proof. Giblets will be vacuumed packed. The result is the tastiest celebratory meal.

All Appledore Geese are free range, enjoying and benefiting from grazing in grassy paddocks. They grow slowly to full maturity, are fed only on a natural diet and are available from Michaelmas through to the end of December.

Free Range Geese are available in weights
Medium 5.0kgs
Large 5.8kgs
Extra Large 6.5kg +