Smooth Lemon Protein Flapjack

Smooth Lemon Protein Flapjack




TREK Protein Flapjacks Smooth Lemon, 50g

Protein Oat Bars with Lemon Curd Flavoured Topping and Lemon

100% plant based ingredients. No artificial sweeteners.
9g protein.
Vegan Friendly.
Gluten free.

You're in for another true British classic revolutionised when it comes to our Smooth Lemon flavoured protein flapjack. We have taken the natural essence of lemon & created a creamy topping to give the perfect lemon taste, without the tanginess!

Smooth lemon protein flapjack is packed full of plant based protein, is vegan friendly and gluten free, so it can be enjoyed by everyone, everyday. Try this fresh flavour on your snack break for a delicious alternative to other cereal bars.

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