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Breeds ~
* Beechwood Blue - dusty blue/grey feathers
* Lohman - brown feathers
* Pied Ranger - black feathers with grey speckled feathers around the neck
* Rhode Rock - black feathers with red/brown feathers around the neck
* Speckledy - grey speckled feathers
* Sussex Ranger - white feathers with black speckled feathers around the neck
* Blue Egg Layer - white feathers with tufts to their heads

Our 'point of lay' chickens are all hybrids, so lay 250-300 eggs a year (all year round laying, daily in summer, every couple of days in winter).

Clara is our POL contact - she will arrange a private 15-minute appointment for you to collect your birds, feed, grit and ask any questions about chicken keeping.

Appointments are generally in the afternoon, as this seems to work best for settling birds into their new home.

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