Guidelines for cooking a Royal Roast Goose

Your Royal Roast is made from a boned out free-range goose, fresh chicken and wild pheasant that is then stuffed with a Cranberry, Orange and Chestnut Stuffing mix. As all the bones have been removed carving is simple and it makes a wonderful party dish, either cold or hot and will serve approximately 15 people.


As soon as possible, after you’ve collected your Royal Roast or it has been delivered, remove all packaging and store in a refrigerator. The giblets will come to you vacuumed packed and they should also be stored in the refrigerator. The Royal Roast is best cooked within 3 days of purchase.

Remove from fridge 2 hours before cooking.

Squeeze the juice of 2 oranges over the meat and surround with fresh thyme. Place the Roast in foil and cook on a rack in a roasting pan. Toward the end of cooking remove the foil to finish browning.


185ºC/375ºF, Gas Mark 5, Aga hot

Suggested Cooking Times

This is a guideline only. Approximately 50 minutes per kg plus 20 minutes extra.

Then allow joint to relax for 30-40 minutes in a low oven. This allows the meat to settle and makes it easier to carve.

A good quantity of dripping will collect in the pan (between 1-2 pints) and this should be tipped carefully into a container 2 –3 times during cooking. The dripping is excellent for roasting potatoes and parsnips and makes very light pastry. It can also be poured into small containers for freezing.

Carving suggestions

With a very sharp knife, cut the joint in half at the middle and carve towards each end, as opposed to starting at the end.

You will find this helps keep the layered meats together.

NB: This product contains wheat, gluten and yeast, it is not suitable for nut and celery allergy sufferers.