Health & Safety

We have an exemplary Health and Safety record. We will look after you on visit day. Experienced staff will lead all the farm animal contact workshops.

Useful information

Planning your trip

Use our School Trips brochure, it includes lots of useful advice, based on over 20 years of welcoming School Trips.


We offer a free pre-visit to trip organisers.

A member of staff will explain the programme for your visit, show you the different workshop and adventure play areas and answer any questions.

Hand washing

Hand washing is key to a safe and enjoyable trip - we've excellent washroom facilities, plenty of sinks for hand washing.

Your visit programme includes time for hand washing after farm animal handling and feeding and before lunch.

You might find these documents useful ~

Make hand washing a habit

Grime Squad - example certificate

Other Advice

Advice to Teachers and Others who organise visits for children

Avoiding infection on farm visits ~ this one is great for adult helpers (teaching assistants, carers & parents)

Information sheet - Cryptosporidium

Information sheet - Ecoli 0157

RA - example - Infection


If any of your children or adult helpers have any allergies, please see the animal feed compositions below.

We recommend gloves or other cover to enable all your group to participate, rather than having a child miss out on some amazing experiences ~

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