Logs - 400

Logs - 400




400 logs - 6-8" in length, mixed diameter.

Delivered loose - 400 logs is an approximate equivalent of two dumpy bags of logs.

Delivered to your home - unloaded wherever we can drive with our Toyota truck.

* If you need the logs moved (by wheelbarrow) and/or stacked, please book a wheelbarrow/stacking service equal to the number of logs ordered *

Delivery date - we deliver to a very large area and therefore need to plan delivery dates/times very carefully. Please book a 'Firewood Delivery', which is postcode sensitive and will advise any delivery charges.

You can add any delivery advice/requests in 'Comments to add to this order' during Checkout. We will 'phone you to confirm delivery date and approximate time.

Hardwood logs are slow burning, creating maximum heat for volume burned.

A 'green' fuel. Seasoned hardwood firewood may be used in 'smoke free' zones.

Hardwood is the cleanest firewood - it burns very efficiently, maximum heat from firewood, minimal soot in your chimney.

Longer length logs also available - the number of logs is adjusted to provide you with the equivalent volume of wood. Just make a comment when you confirm your order.

January/February orders ~ please bear in mind, it is normal at this time of year, for logs to be slightly surface damp, due to the amount of moisture in the air (your washing doesn’t dry very well outside either).

We recommend that you bring your logs inside your home to air, for an extra day or two, for ease of burning.

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