National Trust - Hi-Energy No Mess, 6L

National Trust - Hi-Energy No Mess, 6L




As the most popular, bestselling, first specialist no-mess bird food mix in the UK it was obvious that Hi-Energy No Mess would fit into the National Trust range without question.

Everyone's favourite high-quality food, guaranteed to make your garden a hotspot for the local birdlife.

Hi-Energy No Mess was developed by our ornithologists to help discerning customers looking for high quality, nutritious seed without waste and mess.

The premium mix contains a high proportion of Sunflower Hearts, a calories-rich and popular food produced by de-husking black sunflower seeds. These hearts give birds a quick and efficient source of energy and can be put out all year round.

This food is suitable for all National Trust feeders, tables and ground feeding and appeals to the vast majority of garden bird species.

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