CJ Wildlife - Wheat Free No Mess, 20 kg

CJ Wildlife - Wheat Free No Mess, 20 kg




In 1999 CJ Wildlife launched Hi-Energy No Mess – the first specialist no-mess bird food mix in the UK. As garden bird feeding became more popular, our customers were looking for a high quality, nutritious mix but without the waste and mess. Our ornithologists and product development team took up this challenge and endeavoured to find a new way to give our customers, and their birds, exactly what they wanted. As a result of this research, we created ‘Hi-Energy No Mess’ and developed new ways to de-husk seeds commonly fed to garden birds, minimising waste, preventing growth, and in turn helping the birds – who can now save precious time and energy de-husking their food, because we do it for them!

Husk-free seeds are now common place in the UK, as is the supply of ‘no-mess’ and ‘no-grow’ foods, but we are very proud that our ‘Hi-Energy No Mess’ is the original no-mess food, that it contains no cheap fillers such as wheat and that it is still as popular today as it was when it was first launched:
• Customer (and staff) favourite – for over 20 years, this has been our bestselling and most popular food
• Premium quality ingredients – ensuring every bag is the best, safest food available for your birds
• No mess – all ingredients have been de-husked, so there will be no-mess and no weeds.
• No waste – we have only included seeds which we know are loved by birds - no cheap fillers means no leftovers in your garden
• Wide appeal – our unique recipe will appeal to the vast majority of garden bird species
• Versatile mix – suitable for feeders, tables and ground feeding
Give it a try – we guarantee you and your garden birds will not be disappointed.

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