National Trust - Sunflower Hearts, 3 ltr

National Trust - Sunflower Hearts, 3 ltr




Chosen from bakery and confectionery grade stock, these hearts are the plumpest, most complete hearts with all the husks removed. They are also identical to existing CJ Wildlife Premium Whole Sunflower Hearts, but are now available in exclusive National Trust bag sizes, as part of our collaboration with the National Trust, for the love of nature.

We have recorded a staggering number of birds feasting on sunflower hearts. Even 'non seed-eating' birds such as thrushes, Robins and Blackbirds, who generally have difficulty opening the hard outer husks, have been seen merrily feeding away.

Did you know, during the winter a Blue Tit can spend up to 85% of the daytime feeding just to survive. By feeding sunflower hearts, time spent cracking open the black sunflower husk is eliminated, enabling birds to save valuable time and feed more efficiently.

All foods from the National Trust range come beautifully packed up in National Trust branded packaging, which all compliment the feeders in the range, making these products a lovely gift for all nature lovers.

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